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If it poses malware risks, free manga novels aren’t really free at all. There are tons of free reading sites available on the search engine, but most of these sites will cost you loads of money in the long run. The main reason is that most of them are full of advertisements and promotions which may also contain malicious software, spyware, and computer viruses. Ads were unavoidable because they were the only source for these sites. Sometimes even premium sites like Hulu run advertisements. However, for your complete safety, Novelupdates has chosen to be ad-free. 

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What is Novelupdates?

Novelfull is one of the newest reading sites to compete globally. Our website allows visitors to read and preview manga and novels of good quality. You do not have to spend, register, or spend time across risky advertisements to read your favorite manga and novels on Novelupdates. Despite the fact that the site is new, the Novelupdates team is highly skilled and spent many years conducting thorough research to build the perfect and trusted online site for manga fans. We know your ideal reading site and have strived hard to make it a reality for you!

Is It Illegal to Use Novelupdates?

You can easily access this website from anywhere in the world. Although Novelupdates is not yet a legal site in other places, reading manga or novels online on our site is not deemed illegal. In addition, according to the law downloading or sharing copyright-protected content is the only way to get into trouble and deemed illegal. There will be no criminal or civil charges if you read online on our website.

Is Novelupdates safe?

As a newcomer, information on our cybersecurity may be insufficient. You shouldn’t even be concerned about your security on the site, as we offer no risk to your gadget or reputation. We can’t implant harmful program code like malware and viruses onto your device because there are no adverts or pop-ups. Users do not need to create an account with Novelupdates. Therefore, you do not have to disclose any personal information to us. You can use our library and services discreetly. To make it short, you are secure from information leakage, information theft, impersonation, distorted systems, or any problems caused by viruses and ransomware on this website. Our system don’t require a VPN, anti-virus application, or AdBlock plugin, unlike other free sites. Allowing your concerns to spoil your good time is not a good idea! Novelupdates also gives you the following excellent benefits in addition to your complete security:

  • An enormous collection of manga series, light novels, web novels, and published novels 
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  • Content is updated regularly.
  • Simple and friendly user interface
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  • No ads. 
  • No creation of the account is needed.
  • Excellent customer service.

We may have a long road ahead before becoming your ultimate pick, but we are confident that with your help and our commitment—we will get there soon. Thank you, and have a wonderful time!